Our Customers Say it Best!

At the SCDA, LLC we appreciate and value our customers. The SCDA puts in a lot of effort behind the scenes to ensure that you, as our customer, receive a first class track experience. We realize that you have options for your high performance driving needs, and we value your business and continued patronage of our organization. The following comments are unsolicited, post event emails that we feel are strong indicators of the experience that you can expect and deserve when you participate at an SCDA track event. It is our goal to ensure that our customers have an organized, punctual and professional track outing, from the moment you arrive at the track until the checkered flag flies at the end of the day! Please take a moment and see what our customers are saying about their SCDA experience:

Thanks for such a great experience this year!! 

Having driven in a few events, and been at the track for many more to watch friends drive, and to just be around what was going on, I can honestly say that the SCDA is one of the best driving organizations I’ve ever seen.  There is a much greater focus on the driving, and less on the pages & pages of rules & red-tape bureaucracy that I’ve found in other driving groups.  You also have some of the best instructing talent in the entire Northeast. The day I spent with Justin Baltrucki was beyond amazing. I felt like I got 3 weeks worth of car, track & technique knowledge in 80 minutes.  Also, the SCDA is so organized, and I’m a huge fan of that. You keep things simple, you keep things safe, you keep things fun, and you make it very easy to fall in line with the structure of the whole program.  And, I don’t know exactly who your weather connections are, but you could not have dreamed of better conditions most days this year at Lime Rock. The numerous sunny and absolutely cloudless days were almost a distraction against the backdrop that is LRP. It was also kind of a neat feeling knowing that we were the last non-track club cars to drive it in 2013 last Saturday….don’t know why, but it was. When I tell people about the SCDA and Lime Rock Park, it’s very simple…I just sum it up into 3 words: “Disneyland For Adults.”Thank you all again for everything, I know a ton of work, planning & preparation go into every event…and it shows. – Scott C, Mitsubishi Sportback GTS

You and your team ran a great event at NJMP on Monday and Tuesday.

Your 15 years of dedication to SCDA has obviously had a great deal to do with the organizations success. This was my first event and I was very impressed with the format, including the instruction and briefing sessions. It is a relief not to need to be concerned with the time trial car classification rules and other details that I have been used to with COM Sports Car Club. You seem to attract a really nice group of car enthusiasts and instructors… – Sandy W.

I attended yesterdays event as a novice...

but had to leave a bit early due to minor mechanical issues. Just wanted to compliment your group for such a well run and welcoming event. I was impressed with the organization, classroom and helpfulness of the SCDA staff. I’ll be sure to attend another SCDA event in the future. Also, I didn’t get a chance to complete the instructor feedback form. My instructor, Brandon Bogart, was awesome and I would be happy to provide any additional feedback if you like. Thanks for such a great event! – Michael L.

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know what a great time I had at your event in NH. 

Though I’m not a serial racer like most of my family, I have participated in many club events such as this one.  I have to say that you and your team deserve accolades for the professional manner in which you led the day.  The mere fact that you kept to the schedule is something that I’m not used to at track events.  The classroom time I experienced was well facilitated and very informative especially having not been on that track before. I look forward to the opportunity to join SCDA in future events.  I spoke with my next door neighbor John Joyce and he’s going to be reaching out to you as well. See you next time! – Ian

Just want to say thank you for fitting me in the Lime Rock event this past Monday!

It was an amazing time and definitely enjoy meeting the instructors, the event coordinators, and the fellow attendees.  Look forward to joining more events in the future!

Thanks again. PS. Janusz Hurczyn is a great instructor! – Jimmy

I had an awesome time and really appreciate the job you guys do. 

The events are run really well and everyone is helpful and, dare I say, happy? Also, Don Costa was an A+ instructor. He helped me out quite a bit at first with things like driving lines, weight shifts, and general pointers. Then as the day went on, he backed off his instruction as I got a better feel for it. It was very helpful and confidence building. I’d definitely ride with him again. – Michael C.

Thank you and the SCDA for making my Lime Rock experience on May 3rd so special.

I’ve always wanted to drive my own car on a race track and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so. I’ve been a golfer for many years and I’ve been fortunate to play courses like Pebble Beach and Winged Foot.  Those were very special experiences that I will always remember.  My day at Lime Rock was as special as those. As my instructor, Jeff Segal made sure I got the most out of this experience.  I learned a lot, but most of all, I really enjoyed myself. – Dan

July 16 was my first SCDA event...

 And i would like to say it was well organized, and the staff instructors were excellent…friendly, and experienced.
Thanks to you and the SCDA team for putting on a great day… I will surely be back. – Paul

I just wanted to say thanks for a great event at Lime Rock.

 I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and very efficient use of time.  I made it through 5 sessions but the heat finally wore me down and I skipped the last one.  It was my first SCDA event and I am sure I will be back for more. – Rick M.

I just wanted to send a short e-mail to say how much of a fun and learning experience I had at my first time out at one of your events 

(As a novice on April 19th in NH.) The event exceeded my expectation and Chris R. my instructor was great, it was nice to see him sit in on the classes and be able to pull that information onto the track. He was also very good at relaying information as well as small things like track courtesy and how to treat track employees (flag, corner workers). Next time I come out I would try to have him as my instructor in the car with me. It might be a small thing but the offer of donnuts, coffee and water during the day was a really nice touch. I have been to other events and you are always taking money out of your pocket all day long. This was real nice and i ended up buying pictures and a SCDA hat (with money i would have normaly had to spend on being at the track). All in all it was a great day and will not be my last event with you. – Denis C.

Thank you and all the people that made the 2-day session at The Glen happen.

I came down for the Tuesday session and had a blast. My instructor Steve Fondakowski was great. I walked away with a lot of new knowledge and a passion to get back to the track ASAP. The classroom instruction was excellent as well. Looking forward to another SCDA session in the future. – Hadley B.

I would just like to tell you I had an AMAZING time today. 

 It was a blast. You and your sister are so awesome and it was a pleasure meeting all of you today.  The event seemed very smooth and organized and I have not one complaint!  Trevor my instructor was absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!  I really hope he will be there on May 17th at Monticello.  I know I’ll certainly be. – Mike B.

Thank you very much for the truly amazing time yesterday at Lime Rock.

This was my first time on a road course and it could not have been any better, you and your team host an extremely enjoyable event. I felt so welcome and any anxiety about being the “new guy” vanished quickly. The other drivers were all great to talk with and readily offered guidance to help me out, I made many new friends. The structure of the day was ideal for a first timer with a great mix of classroom and track time, no questions went unanswered. And my in car instructor, Randy, was phenomenal!. Perfect amount of guidance and reassurance allowing me to build on my abilities each lap and throughout the day. Your event exceeded my high expectations….it was certainly safe, low pressure, and VERY FUN! Zero regrets, it was a perfect day and I just registered for two more of your track events. Thanks again! – Dan

I had a wonderful time on Monday at Monticello

But I didn’t get a chance to drop off my evaluation.  I wanted to make sure you knew how wonderful I thought my instructors were throughout the day.  I drove with Mark and Paul.  They were both great in showing me the lines as well as assisting me with getting comfortable driving my car on a track.  They were both confident in their abilities but were also very patient with me.  I look forward to participating in other SCDA events. – Arianna F.

This is no “club”…this is a serious, well run business providing serious fun. 

As far as I know, there’s no better way to exhaust yourself over the course of a day than driving on a classic road course like Lime Rock Park, Watkins Glen etc etc…and there’s no better, more efficient group than SCDA to make the most of every minute of that day. This is no “club”…this is a serious, well run business providing serious fun.  I’ll be at every event for which I can budget the time, no question.
– Paul

We just wanted to thank you for a great weekend at Watkins Glen! 

My wife and I were impressed with the way you and your staff organized and ran the event. Keeping the event on time to the minute is a notable, and very much appreciated, feat in itself. All of the members of your team were extremely professional and helpful.  The combination of the groups in the afternoon worked very well and I really appreciated and enjoyed the extra track time this provided. We are looking forward to attending as many of your events as we can, and hopefully the New Jersey event in September. – Matt N.

Tripp and I had a great time at Watkins Glen!

We were very impressed with how you and SCDA run the program compared to other events we have participated in previously.

Thanks again for a great time at Watkins Glen.– John M.

Just a quick note to thank everyone for a fantastic 2 day experience at the Glen!

The event was extremely well organized and everything was first rate. I’ve been singing your praises to fellow gearheads the last two days!  You have a great organization, keep up the good work! – Bill

Thanks for another great season!

What a great year behind the wheel. Can’t wait for the next season to start! – Scott M.

Nice to meet you on Monday as well as the rest of the SCDA crew.

Everybody was friendly, helpful, courteous and the rest of the superlatives that would take too long to list.  Along with the participants that make SCDA, SCDA provided me with an enjoyable time these past two days.

Although I didn’t resolve my suspension problems completely, it was great to get the car on track and meet a group of car enthusiasts who are “car enthusiasts”.  I think the best part of the two days was watching my novice buddy Maciej confidence grow due to the guidance of his instructors and seeing him solo. Kudos to SCDA. – George B.

I had fine time with your club.

Looking forward to running with you all next season. – Carl M.

Thanks for a GREAT time on Tuesday. 

That’s a nice group you have. I think that the #24 SCDA Spec Miata car may have ruined me for other vehicles. It’s hard to believe just how forgiving and neutral it was. A very good car to learn on. Thanks also, for kind of sheparding me through. I’m looking forward to joining you again next season.  – Andrew A.

Thanks for arranging a great track day to end the season.

Most driving I have done in any events this year.. what a rush to be out there that long.. See you next season!
– Mark S.

I had a great time at Watkins Glen.

Everybody on your team is great.  Steve Fondakowski was my instructor… he was very helpful and we communicated well. It was my first time at Watkins Glen… the esses are fantastic!  – John C.

Thanks for the picture Ian. 

I always have a great time at your events and I look forward to next year and some new tracks.
– John U.

It was a pleasure to run with your group

 It was well run and enjoyable event. Looking forward to running again with SCDA! Thank you. – Tom F.

I had a great time at last Thursday’s event

 One of the most enjoyable days I have had in a long time.  The classroom instruction, the on-track instruction, the general ambience — all first rate!  – Doug

Thank you for all your work in setting up this event

This was the first time at hnms for myself (red 06 z06)and my son Chris (red 92 mustang conv) we had a blast, we enjoyed the personalized classroom instructor and the whole event. Thanks tons. – John M.

In the excitement of learning the new track,

 I forgot my instructors name. I really liked his instruction and would like to request him again in future events. Again thanks for a great event. I really like the lightning track and cant wait to try Thunderbolt. – Evan A.

First and foremost I would like to thank you for the SCDA

I was impressed with how well organized the SCDA event played out. I enjoyed the day at NJMP with everyone and look forward to future events… Francis Dance was very pleasant and simply put a lot of fun to have in the car… – David A.

One of the Most Enjoyable Days I've Had in a Long Time

I had a great time at last Thursday's event - one of the most enjoyable days I have had in a long time. The classroom instruction, the on-track instruction, the general ambience - all first rate! - Doug G.

What a Great Year Behind the Wheel

Thanks for another great season! What a great year behind the wheel. Can’t wait for the next season to start! - Scott M.

We had a Blast

This was the first time at NHMS for myself and my son Chris – we had a blast, we enjoyed the personalized classroom instructor and the whole event. Thanks tons. - John M.

I Look Forward to Next Year

I always have a great time at your events and I look forward to next year and some new tracks. - John U.

What a Rush

Thanks for arranging a great track day to end the season... Most driving I have done in any events this year.. what a rush to be out there that long.. See you next season! - Mark S.